Technion Visitors Center

The new Technion visitors center has been built next to the old visitors center on the Technion’s Neve Shaanan Campus, in Haifa. Submitting a bid required planning a space that would provide an exceptional experience for visitors and serve as a representative platform for the Technion’s accomplishments and trailblazing achievements.

Collaboration with Rotem Guy & Disk In Pro Ltd.
Photography by Gidon Levin

Technion, Haifa
Visitors Center
600 sqm

The center’s core revolves around an octagonal-shaped space, covered with large black stone tiles that give it a dramatic volume in the open expanse. In this design concept, the octagon represents the Technion as a platform that enrichesthe students, lecturers, researchers, and anyone who visits it, including world leaders come to learn the secret of its success, allowing themto achieve a ‘eureka moment’ and bring new discoveries and inventions to the world.

Exiting the exhibit to the main gallery, visitors are exposed to several elements that continue the experience described in the octagon. At the eureka moment ofdiscovery, the octagon “resonates ” the space around it and creates a wall that has absorbed the “shock wave” from the creative moment. The concrete wall creates animpression of meteor crystals frozen in place,leavingbehind them moments of drama.